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The International Conference on Emerging and Technologies in Clean Energy, Sustainable Production and Environmental Engineering (ICEEPE 2023), the meeting aims to provide a platform to scientists, researchers, professors, scholars and academicians from the different parts of the world to discuss their latest innovative research results and the most recent cutting edge technologies and trends in the fields of Electrical Energy and Power Engineering. The major fields that would be focused by this conference are cutting edge technologies in the fields of Electrical Energy and Power such as smart grid, power and energy planning, generation, transmission, distribution and management, renewable energy, IoT, sustainable energy, integration of multiple energy systems, electrical machines and drives and electric and hybrid vehicles. ICEEPE 2020 motivates the scholars and researchers to gain confidence in the area they are working in. With the excellent coverage and potential authors, the proceedings of this conference provide outstanding support to the participants to support their research works. ICEEPE promotes research and development activities and to provide a global forum of discussion for academicians, leading technologies and engineers in the above technologies. ICEEPE is an excellent platform to build a strong research network thereby providing a unique platform to its presenters to get into the network. ICEEPE 2020 is organized by the Renewable Energy and Energy Management division of Universiti Teknologi MARA, Cawangan Pulau Penang, Malaysia. ICEEPE 2020 will be held at The Light Hotel, Penang, Malaysia during 27 – 28, October 2020. 

ICEEPE 2020 – Schedule and Links (ONLINE SESSIONS)

Participants and audiences can join with the sessions through following links:

09.00 AM* : Inaugural Ceremony and Keynote Address (Click here to join)
11.00 AM : Session 1 – Electrical Engineering (Click here to join)
11.00 AM : Session 1 – Electronics (Click here to join)
11.00 AM : Session 1 – Physics (Click here to join)
11.00 AM : Session 1 – Mechanical Engineering (Click here to join)
11.00 AM : Session 1 – Civil Engineering (Click here to join)

*Malaysian time zone